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Through the Obscene Extreme Fest, the American banknotes motto In God We Trust becomes In Crust We Trust: this slogan celebrating God and capitalism becomes the one of anarchy and master-free liberty. Later in the Punk Hardcore environment - in the large sense - it mutated in In Grind We Crust. By the way, Crust Punk participated in the birth of Black Metal. In this perspective, we are unveiling our new compilation, which is a link between Black Metal and its origins. Therefore, it is called "In Black We Crust".

Concerning the artwork, you must have recognized Maxime Taccardi's style, a master who does us the honor of illustrating this new compilation. The layout has been made by Arshlor.

Don't only expect old-school Black Metal mixed with Crust. Like many other genres, it gave birth to other styles just as violent and anti-establishment. Recently, Crust Black has been back on the frontline, however more elaborate and intellectualised, without dropping its concern for social woes. Intellectualisation isn't making Crust Black bands weaker or less powerful, it simply is a new, sophisticated reflect of the world, which fails to escape reality. This compilation is the sountrack of TV news, of a chaotic world, of mass murder and international conflicts. It contains moments of primitive violence, and of melancholic and depressive reflections. That's why you will find in In Black We Crust a mix, a hymn to trouble and disorder. You will find there some Black Metal filled with dirty fragrances, some Crust, some Grind, some morbid Hardcore mixed with Sludge, Doom or even Drone and Post-Rock/Hardcore... but always with profoundly Crust sounds coming from all corners of the world, including France, US, Indonesia, Corea, Taiwan...

God is dead, your masters are dead, here is reality


released September 9, 2016

released September 30, 2016

Many thanx at David (Sordide) Robby (Kerberos) for their support from the beginning of this project. Thanks too at all bands and labels !

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We can not thank enough Maxime, for its magnificent Artwork. And Antoine from Arshlor Artwork for the new crust logo :

Maxime Taccardi (Artwork):
Arshlor - Artwork (Logo):
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